.Net Application I have written in Microsoft Visual Studio for work

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Outlook eMail Reader

This very usefull app uses outlook interop, reads my inbox. I use it to perform task that when client rules are needed but outlook is not running. moves, emails, saves attachments exprorts images etc. by Sender or Subject. I send over 80 automated emails a day so I have it move them to automation folder, so when I check emails on weekends or via mobel app I don't see them.

Spirit PRDWMS Oracle Client

This application is packed with options! Designed to have canned SQL Queries. Use the Paste IN Clause to have it build the query for you. or you may write your own query


This little app uses ReportExecutionService and ReportingService Web Service to automate SQL Server Reporting Services (SSRS) It can be run GUI or command line /auto for scheduled tasks. This Application saves me hours and works in conjunction with SDC Metrics Extractor

SDC Metrics Extractor

This .Net application was written to automate all the metrics I provide for the Spirit Distribution Center. It reads dozens of excel files and data maps hundreds of fields and writes to a master scorecard. It also exports Excel charts to image files to be displayed on a Dashboard. This Automation has turned 4 to 6 hours worth of work into minutes.

Ops Review

This is a fully automated report, designed to provide operation the metrics needed to run the business. Provides 100's of data elements that runs multiple times a day.

SQL Builder

I wrote this little app to write SQL insert, delete and update statements. Paste four values LOC, TYPE, SEQ, ZONE and click Build SQL and it writes the SQL Query for you.

Location Builder I wrote this to build the location algorithm

Digital Display

This .Net application was written as a Digital Dashboard to display Metrics. I can't take full credit for this as it was originally written by my co-worker Mark and I designed and QA. This application is packed with options! Weather and News RSS Feeds and two Web Controls for an animated company logo and scrolling content. Since Mark's departure I have taught myself VB.NET and fixed bugs and enhanced this application. This could be a commercial application.

Interface Monitor

I wrote this little app to Monitor EDI Interfaces between SAP and WMS. It monitors a number of FTP folders giving a Files Count, Oldest file Date and Time a Stoplight with Tolerance so no false positive, Last Modified file Date and Time.


This app uses DotNetBar Gauge Control ReportExecutionService Web Service to automate SQL Server Reporting Services (SSRS) I have written 6 Dashboards Receiving, XDock Process and Delivery, Putaway, OnHand BackOrder and Pick Detail that can be run by Route via command line switch. They are configured to run every 5 minutes for a real time statistics. I have it save a jpg image every time it runs to display on other dashboards or a website.

Dashboard Monitor

This little app Monitors the above Dashboards. It checks the last updated date and time each Dashboard ran. I put logic in if it ran less than 5 Minutes ago green light, 6 to 14 minutes yellow light and greater than 15 minutes red light. If red light it will email and text me. I also made it if minimize to system tray a working stoplight.

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