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POP3 eMail Forwarder

This complex application will allow you to forward emails to another email account. I wrote this application to auto forward by From or Subject contains. Written in .Net it has a configuration file to store your POP3 and SMTP server information. Click on "eMail if" to change from Subject or From. It has a command line switch ie Pop3eMailForwarder.exe /auto if you want to call it from Task Scheduler.

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Outlook eMail Reader

This very usefull app uses outlook interop, reads my inbox. I use it to perform task that when client rules are needed but outlook is not running. moves emails, saves attachments exprorts images etc. by Sender or Subject

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File Date & Time Changer

File Date & Time Changer, written in .Net it will change the date and time as well as attributes. Click the time will auto set to 1:00 click again will count hours up. change modify = create or create = modify. Now with Drag and Drop.

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Move the Mouse

Ever have an issue giving a presentation and your PC locks due to inactivity? Don’t have access to turning off your power management or screen saver. Move the Mouse, written in .Net it will move your mouse after a specific time from an Idle State. also click Written by Jim Brown to test!

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RSS Weather

This cool little app uses NOAA Weather API it parses out every possible weather component in the current and forcase weather RSS / XML feed.

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SMTP eMailer

This little app was written to test sending eMails. I created a .config file to read multiple settings, comma separated via drop down menu. This allows you to test and change differnt servers and ports very quickly.

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IP Monitor

This little app was written to monitor an IP network switch and text or email me if it goes off line. Basically does a ping test every x minutes. configurable in .config file. I made it very generic so it can be used to monitor any two DNS Names or IP Address.

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Google Authenticator

This little app was written to test Google Authenticator 2 Factor Authentication.

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Image Split or Join

This little app was written to Split or Join an Image. Used for dual monitors to split an image to two monitors or to display a different image on eash monitor.

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Vacation Accrual Calculator

This little app was written to calculate and keep track of my Vacation, Floating Holiday Sick Leave.

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This little app was written to Expand those hidden short URL's. Paste Short URL and Click Expand Voila! Double Click Long URL TextBox to see full path. Also added a Shrink just to see if I could do it, don't really like these hidden little URL's.

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