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CMD Batch File Wrapper

CMDWrapper was written in This little application was written to run a batch file in a GUI environment with switches. It's nice to be able to compile a batch file and email the results. This was my first .NET application because I know DOS much better than VB.NET (04/26/12)

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Text'em is a simple SMTP SMS application it was written in I started out by hard coding all settings and now enhanced it to have a config settings form. Now with Repeat, Delay and Date and Time. Download it and let me know what you think. This was my second .NET application.

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YouTube MP3 Downloader

YouTube-Mp3 Downloader is a very cool little app to download and convert YouTube videos to mp3 format. Copy and Paste a YouTube URL or click "Git URL". Uses GitHub youtube-dl.exe source code as it's backend software.

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Speed Test

I have written a Ookla SpeedTest.NET as well as a HTML5 Speed Test.

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Folder Watcher

Folder Watcher, written in .Net is basically a very simple FileSystemWatcher for Change, Create, Delete and Rename. configurable to watch a specific file extension only and or subdirectories.

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KS Lottery App was written in This little application was written to web scrape the website. I used multiple REGEX string parsing techniques and a payout calculator. I had written version 1 to read an RSS feed from a site that stopped working. So if you have V1 redownload V2, V3 has Suggested Numbers that uses algorithm of frequency of the numbers hit.

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QR Code Generator

This is a very cool little app to create QR Codes with built in formats for Telephone, URL, Contact, eMail, GPS, SMS, WiFi, Facetime and Calendar. This App was built on Google Web API.

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External IP Monitor

External IP Monitor is a very cool little app to monitor your ISP IP external address given to you. if your using port forward for a dynamic IP address and want to be SMS notified if your External IP changes.

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Corona Screensaver

Corona Screensaver is a very simple application written in This little application was designed to float Corona bottle caps around your desktop. "Beer it's what's for Dinner"

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Random Key Generator

Random Key Generator App was written in This test application will generate as many NumKeys or KeyChars as specified then by Alpha, Digits or Special characters. eMail uses the US census for the top 100 first names, last names and company's. Lottery Numbers and Credit Cards with CVV codes that pass mod 10 and Luhn algorithm.

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